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Esemestník - Slovenská mineralogická spoločnosť


Esemestník, spravodajca Slovenskej mineralogickej spoločnosti

ISSN 1338-6425 (tlačené vydanie), ISSN 1338-7189 (elektronické vydanie)

ISSN 1338-6425 (printed issue), ISSN 1338-7189 (electronic issue)

Esemestník, spravodajca Slovenskej mineralogickej spoločnosti is an official journal of Mineralogical Society of Slovakia published in Slovak, Czech and English. It is issued twice a year in spring and autumn term. It focuses on the scientific disciplines such as mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, geology of mineral deposits, gemmology, and historical science pertaining to these disciplines.

Structure of journal:

1) Mineralogical Society of Slovakia – society news, important events.

2) Articles – reviewed section, bringing scientific and popular-scientific contributions

3) Contributions to topographical mineralogy – short reports on new mineral occurrences

4) Lectures, workshops, conferences

5) Reviews and teasers of books – reviews of scientific and popular-scientific books

6) Chronicle, jubilees, anniversaries – informs about significant events and anniversaries

7) Discussion threads, interesting facts and more

8) Advertising


Instructions for authors (only in Slovak)


Deadline of the spring issue: March 30

Deadline of the autumn issue: October 31